Where does Otsi Keta fit in your portfolio?


Otsi Keta is a superior alternative to small/mid cap investing. The fund provides investors a liquid and transparent exposure to undervalued small-cap U.S. based companies. The fund’s strategy and approach has significant advantages:

Otsi Keta Focus Fund, LP
Capital Commitment Timing
Funds can be invested by the public on a beginning of the month basis.  Holders will be Limited Partners.

NAV Determination

Mark-to-market that is determined by an independent administrator for the Fund on a monthly basis.
Liquidity for Investments
Business Transparency for Portfolio Companies
Public Filings provided by the  individual companies through the Securities Exchange Commission.
Management of Portfolio
Both General Partners need to sign off on an initial portfolio holding.  Only one is required for a sale.
Over 10 years of track record at Otsi Keta Capital LLC investing General & Limited Partners money.


Otsi Keta is one of the few alternative investment funds focused on superior, small, public companies located in the Midwest.

The Otsi Keta Focus Fund, LP is designed for investors who need to balance the benefits of superior returns with liquidity and transparency. The fund provides investors unique exposure to the Midwestern United States, as well as an investment opportunity that:

  • Focuses on capital appreciation while targeting less than 75% of downside capture.
  • Offers private equity tools and techniques, applied to small public companies.
  • Centers on people and business opportunities, not opaque black box models.
  • Creates proprietary research, not buying it from the street.
  • Provides an understandable investment framework and approach that Limited Partners can trust.
  • Provides a blend of price appreciation and income in its annual total returns.


The Midwestern United States is currently one of the most under-followed, under-owned and most productive geographies in the world.

The Fund’s objective is to generate superior, capital appreciation by making investments in a focused portfolio of small, under-valued public companies within the Midwest. Specifically, the Midwestern United States offers:

  • The broadest and most diversified set of real economy companies in the world.
  • Limited, traditional Wall Street coverage.
  • Opportunity to add value with on-the-ground research.
  • Beneficiaries of changes in technology and the macro environment, not victims.
  • Midwestern values of ownership, commitment-over-time, and return-focused innovation.